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Friday, June 14, 2013

Headin' North for a family two-fer

We're right in the middle of my favorite time of the year - late Spring and Summer.  I don't have to grab a jacket every time I leave the house, everything is as close to green as it gets out here in West Texas, and it's light when I get home from work.

Now let's park for a moment on that last part, because I am so excited to bring ya'll a pair of blogs from a family who live in a place where the sun is up when they rise in the morning, when they go to bed at night, when they rise at midnight for a snack - in fact, right about now the sun is ALWAYS up!

That's right, we're headed past 66 degrees, 33 minutes North Latitude into the Arctic Circle to meet Bro. Marty and Mrs. Masey Arnold, missionaries to Greenland.  The Arnolds each blog about life in Greenland, so I figured I'd present them both to you at one time.

If you're interested in posts about ministry in Ilulissat (and in Sisimiut before that), then turn to Bro. Marty's blog, "Freezin' for a Reason" (http://www.freezinforareason.blogspot.com/).  If you prefer to peek into life as a missionary family in Greenland, then you'll enjoy Mrs. Masey's blog, "Masey's Thoughts" (http://maseysthoughts.blogspot.com/).  Personally, I'd encourage you to read both of them!

In fact, I think you would really enjoy signing up to receive both blogs by email (and not just these two, but as many of my other bloggers as you can squeeze into your day).  Since I've been chasing missionary bloggers around the world, my eyes have been opened so much to the amazing men and women God has equipped to spread the Gospel to some incredibly difficult areas.

God has placed these folks in areas most of us have never heard of and they would love to have someone stop by periodically and let them know they're not alone.

So start with Bro. Marty and Mrs. Masey and wander through Greenland with them.  Don't forget to comment on their posts, so they'll know you're there, and put them on your prayer list with all of the other missionary heroes.

As always, please keep our missionaries in your thoughts and prayers and may each of us Pray More, Give More and, if called, Go Farther than ever before for the cause of world missions.

Until next time, may God richly bless each of you and especially Bro. Marty, Mrs. Masey and the entire Arnold clan!

In Christ,

Bro. Garry

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